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2173. PILKINGTON, The Gentleman and Connoisseur’s Dictionnary of Painters, London 1770, in 4.
Il primo libro di tal genere bea imaginato in Inghilterra. È 375 da notarsi che la vita del Buonarroti non trovasi sotto la lettera B, nè sotto la M, ma sotto l’A a car. 10.

The gentleman's and connoisseur's Dictionary of painters [microform] : containing a complete collection, and account, of the most distinguished artists, who have flourished in the art of painting, at Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, and other Cities of Italy, in Holland, Flanders, England, Germany, or France, from the Year 1250, when the art of painting was revived by Cimabue, to the Year 1767, including above five hundred years, and the number of Artists amounting to near one thousand four hundred : extracted from the most authentic writers who have treated on the subject of painting, in Latin, Italian, Spanish, English, French, and Low Dutch : to which are added, two catalogues, the one, a catalogue of the Disciples of the most famous Masters, of the different schools, the other, a catalogue of those painters, who imitated the works of the eminent Masters so exactly, as to have their copies frequently mistaken for Originals : the whole being digested in a more easy and instructive method, than hath hitherto appeared and calculated for general entertainment and instruction, as well as for the particular use of the admirers and professors of the art of painting / by the Rev. M. Pilkington ...

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Dictionary of painters
Pilkington, Matthew, 1701-1784.
London : Printed for T. Cadell, (Successor to Mr. Millar) in the Strand
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Painters -- Dictionaries -- Early works to 1800.
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