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14. BRITTON, The fine arts of the english school, illustrated by a series of engravings, from paintings, sculpture, and architecture of the most eminent english artists; with ample biographical, critical 3 and descriptive essays by various authours, edited, and partly writen, by John Britton, London, Longman, 1812, in 4.
Opera riccamente eseguita pel suo lusso tipografco e per le 24 tavole intagliate da’ principali incisori dell’Inghilterra.

The fine arts of the English school: illustrated by a series of engravings from paintings, sculpture, and architecture, of eminent English artists ; with ample biographical, critical, and descriptive essays

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1812 and 1812
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Cicognara, Parte Prima, and Delle Belle Arti in generale
Sonstige kunstwissenschaftliche Literatur, Further literature on theory and history of Art, Kunstwissenschaftliche Literatur, Cicognara, Druckschriften, and Heidelberger historische Bestände — digital: Sonstige kunstwissenschaftliche Literatur
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